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Taxi in Lviv. The path to legalisation. Print E-mail

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05 2008

Administrator, 20-05-2008, hits: 11731
Checks of the Lviv taxi - it would be ridiculous, if it be not become sad Print E-mail
 Taxi in Lviv. Click to increase

 Added March 20, 2007

      It was no appreciable checks of a taxi in streets of city of Lviv for a long time. Some years nobody set any questions to any car driver with a table of "taxi", by its right to render services in general, on conformity of the equipment of the car to requirements of the law, neither on a correctness of calculations with passengers, nor on payment of taxes from his activity. At last last month, motor transportation inspection has started to appear sometimes in streets. But what they check? From all listed above them the License card and a travelling leaf interests only. Very strange selectivity.

Administrator, 21-03-2007, hits: 13841
Lviv taxi. The light in the end of the tunnel? Print E-mail

Added March 3, 2007

     At last the Department of transport and communication of Lviv's City council has recollected, that there is such kind of activity - a taxi. For the first time for two years (on March, 1st 2007)It have held assembly of carriers by a taxi, having invited on it representatives of Regional branch of Motor transportation inspection, tax inspection, representatives of the Ministry of Internal Affairs and GAI. Probably, problems in transportations by a taxi in city have so become aggravated also a situation in the market of these services became so uncontrolled, that  it becomes impossible to undertake nothing.

Administrator, 10-03-2007, hits: 12265
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