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Сar Service «Taxi 1» in Lviv, Ukraine. Transportations inside a city and Lviv's region

Сar Services «Taxi 1», Lviv, Ukraine

phones for car services ordering

+380 32 247 15 15
+380 63 723 05 55
+380 67 849 88 33
+380 66 955 28 55
+380 68 575 52 62

     «Тaxi 1» is a car service enterprise in Lviv. Service is provided inside a city and Lviv's region at any time twenty-four hours and is based on reasonable prices and controlled quality. Spot cash. Paying for service is determined with the dispatchers software in accordance to the forecast distance of concrete trip.
   Car service enterprise «Taxi 1» was known in Lviv before as «Copeyka Taxi». The enterprise had increased it potential and got the higher standards of quality of service in 2011 when it taked in one other popular Lviv car service (1506). Safety of passengers, operative reacting on their wishes, politeness and exactness of personnel are the priorities of today's «Taxi 1».
Сar Services «Taxi 1», Lviv, Ukraine Сar Services «Taxi 1», Lviv, Ukraine
     Cars that are in cooperation with car service «Taxi 1»  can be easy recognised due to tokens on roofs of cars, where are presented the logotype and basic (municipal) telephone number for car service ordering.
Identification Symbol of Сar Services «Taxi 1», Lviv, Ukraine
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