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Taxi Voyage, Gorodok, Lviv region, Ukraine

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Taxi Services Voyage, how to book a taxi cab in Gorodok, Lviv region, Ukraine

Taxi Voyage

Taxi Cab and Car Services Company

 Gorodok, Lviv Region, Ukraine

booking a taxi phones:
38 (03231)  3 00 11
38 (067)  310 10 10


Taxi (Cab) Services Voyage, Gorodok, Lviv region, Ukraine
The carrier and taxi services Voyage offers transportations of passengers by a taxi on a city, the Lviv region and Ukraine. Transfer Lviv - Gorodok - Shegini is available.
Trip cost is defined by a taximetre, proceeding from the tariff:

 Minimal trip

price of 1 kmprice of 1 min
10 UAH
2,80 UAH
0,35 UAH
     All cars of the Taxi Voyage are equipped by the certificated taximetres Euro Tax EL. The check of a taximetre with acknowledgement of payment for a trip stands out on request of the passenger
The licence for a taxi АВ №112517 from March 30, 2006

Office: str. Ivasjuka 15, Gorodok, Lviv region, Ukraine
The head (director): Chernyk Juri Petrovich


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