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Policy and Taxi

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Added April 15, 2007.

     This things are very far, at first sight. But taxi-services, being not too appreciable in global sense economical segment, are sensitive to a political situation in the country not less, than other more significant for a society aspects of economic activities. And if reaction to last political events of the large commodity producers, big trading companies, suppliers of power resources and municipal sphereis is much more essential to the majority of the population in the country,  drivers and the businessmen borrowed in transportations by a taxi, as well as those who often uses this type of transport, are disturbed the same. As well as carriers are disturbed by the reduction in demand for their services.  

     Each time when political forces begin new campaign with the purpose to change presidents, prime-ministers, reelect the Parlament, to spend the next or extraordinary elections and re-elections, the quantity of passengers in a taxi decreases. Both very slowly and long it is then restored. What to do, the money spent for struggle for power by one people, mean only one - at others incomes become lower, and together with it an opportunity to use a taxi decrease. But it would be still not so sensitively if at these elections and re-elections the authority did not forget absolutely about the duties on maintenance of the order and about promises on its prompting there where it for a long time already is not present. Alas … Again all have forgotten …

     Any progress is not noticeably in the acceptance of the new License conditions which are corresponding to the last edition of the Law of Ukraine " About motor transport ", in acceptance of changes for " Rules of granting of services of passenger transportations ", nothing is done for reduction conformity each other some other Laws and the statutory acts, regulating taxi-activity. As well as are not noticeably some essential actions of bodies which duty includes the control over sphere of taxi-transportations, rendering taxi-services by subjects of economic activities and discharge from activity of transportations of passengers  not registered private persons. One can speak notning now about any taximeters, putting cars in order and legalizations of forms of economic activities, as well as about taxes from carriers. Anarchy and absence of control proceeds. In such conditions we will not have neither the civilized European taxi, nor taxes in the budget from a taxi for hundred years…

Anatoly Galaziuk

Administrator, 15-04-2007, hits: 9740

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