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Taxi Era, Taxi Euro, Lutsk, Ukraine

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Службы такси Эра и Евро, как заказать, вызвать такси в Луцке

Taxi Services "Era", "Euro"

Lutsk, Ukraine

booking (ordering) a taxi phones:

8(050) 68 91 749     8(050) 52 71 660
8(067) 34 61 887     8(063) 66 86 600
8(063) 66 86 600     8(098) 52 28 453
8(0332)  295 000     8(0332)  285 000

Services of transportation is given by private licensed carriers.
Trip cost of trips is defined by a taximetres (all cars are equipped with)

Taxi Cab and Car Services Era, Euro in Lutsk, Ukraine

The tariffs of Taxi Era, Taxi Euro:

"Inside a town"

"Outside a town one way"

"Outside a town there and back"

Initial fare - 10 UAH

(1 km of trip included)

- 2.50  UAH/km

- 0.33 UAH/min

Initial fare - 10 UAH

(1 km of trip included)

- 3.00  UAH/km

- 0.33 UAH/min

 Initial fare - 10 UAH

(1 km of trip included)

- 1.55  UAH/km

- 0.33 UAH/min

5% reduction of tariffs if showing previous trip check ! 
The official taxi Era, Euro chek


The sample of the check is presented at the left.

  The office adress is:
Lutsk, street Rovnensky 76а,
4 floor, office 210

The head (director) is:
Melnyk Sergiy Anatolyjovych

ph/fax: 8(0332) 77 35 03
e-mail: This e-mail address is being protected from spam bots, you need JavaScript enabled to view it

 call us, our dispatchers are glad to answer!in the dispatching taxi services Era, Euro in Lutsk

book our taxi, our drivers are non-stop ready for any trip!
Taxi Era, Euro cars on duty
Taxi Era, Euro cars on duty
the lager size of photo - on click

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