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Checks of the Lviv taxi - it would be ridiculous, if it be not become sad

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 Added March 20, 2007

      It was no appreciable checks of a taxi in streets of city of Lviv for a long time. Some years nobody set any questions to any car driver with a table of "taxi", by its right to render services in general, on conformity of the equipment of the car to requirements of the law, neither on a correctness of calculations with passengers, nor on payment of taxes from his activity. At last last month, motor transportation inspection has started to appear sometimes in streets. But what they check? From all listed above them the License card and a travelling leaf interests only. Very strange selectivity.

     Even the question about an obligatory for a taxi and absent in 99 % of the Lviv machines  taximeter is not set. Besides, that the control of it, as well as sanctions, down to an interdiction on the right of activity of infringers, are a direct duty of this control body, such checks cause only indignation in the legal carrier, paying taxes in the budget. Even not speaking about full ignoring during such checks question, whether the shown License card has any attitude to that subject of economic activities which actually renders service of transportation of passengers and accepts payment for it has. In fact finding-out of this is very easy task, if onr has a desire to reveal. What can be easier: that subject of economic activities who accepts proceeds for service is it renders. Definition of the fact that in overwhelming majority of machines of a taxi on which the License card is issued, the licensee, it issued has no attitude to proceeds for transportation of passengers - business of all is consequence of only one questionon on which, as a rule, there will be no answer. As to confirm even formal collection of proceeds, neither its account, nor payment of taxes from it such licensee, cannot, as earns not on transportation of passengers, and on granting to the private driver of information services and services on carrying out surveys. Why to not ask a question: " What attitude the concrete car and the driver sitting at its rudder has to the licensee who has issued a concrete License card? " . And to reveal, that in overwhelming majority of cases, the car is not rented, and the driver is not employed. That confirms only one: such driver renders service of transportation of passengers independently. Thus, not being the subject of economic activities, without a taximeter, not having the License and without payment of taxes. I.e. breaking all transport and tax laws. All it at desire really to put things in order in a field of activity of transportations by a taxi it is possible to reveal very easily. It is if one wants to put a problem in order. Instead of other problem which has no connection with first - stimulations of private taxi drivers, without any documents on the right of rendering of services to registration of fictitious License cards by means of firms-licensees who have made it a profitable part of the business.

     In a taxi such checks will have not result in any order. And on reduction frameworks of the law of economic activities on transportations on a taxi in Lviv, on payment of taxes from it in that case to count it is not necessary. 

      Even if to assume, that questions of the control of registration of subjects of economic activities and payment of taxes by them are outside the competence of  Motor transportation inspection, a proceeding full ignoring of activity of a taxi by Tax inspection and Tax militia as bodies for which the control of payment of taxes is a direct duty, should surprise. Those few carriers by a taxi which taxes try to pay fairly and to be kept within the limits of a legal field besides, that city authorities have twice lifted the rate of the uniform tax in 2007, and have increased payment for parkings, are put on a side of a survival. For are compelled to compete to huge weight of the carriers which are not bearing expenses for the equipment of machines, official registration of papers and payment of taxes. 

    When, at last, authorities will learn to operate so that it will be possible to consider them as authority really? Also can prove, what laws in our country exist not only for those who voluntary observes them, but also for those who does not wish it to do?!

March 20, 2007


Anatoly Galaziuk

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