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Information for passengers

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     Very few cars, that rides over a city with the table «taxi» over the roof in Ukraine, are really legal taxi, where Your rights are protected. Not important, whether the driver provides service independently, or on behalf of the enterprise renders, he drives up on order, or you take advantage of a taxi on taxi-parking.

     Legalized, that fully propers the requirements of legislation, taxi from a non-legal car with "taxi" symbol differs above all by things in the machine: first of all - taximeter and price-list with information about tariffs in the place, where client can observe it, and also with information about a concrete carrier – enterprise (firm), or sole proprietor (private businessman), and about a concrete driver which serves You. License which confirms the right to provide taxi services, or its copy, also must be accessible for a revision by a passenger.

     Legalized taxi - this means:
- calculation of the total price of the trip in obedience to a taximeter and based on a tariff, but not from nowhere, not on the mileage of speedometer, which either is comfortable to fix neither to remember, nor often even clearly to consider in different models of cars. And not on the «point of view» of dispatcher , or «tariff net» of dispatcher 's point, where in principle it is impossible to take into account all of features of every concrete trip.
- confirmation of payment with a check of cash register – electronic taximeter, or by the receipt of sole proprietor – carrier who works on the baze of united tax. The law only at that rate allows to work with a taximeter without fiscal memory and check printer.
- insurance of passengers in time of trip in case of emergency occazion, failure, catastrophe.
- property accountability of carrier for a loss, or damage of luggage through his fault.
- correctness and exactness of driver who in the case of the grounded complaint can lose work, if he works on, or to get a serious fine, and even in general to remain without License, if he is a sole proprietor-private businessman.

     If you have a trip in a "taxi" without taximeter and price-list with a tariff - it means only that this taxi is simply illegal. Even, if there are present partly some documents on providing business. Without a taximeter in any case this documents give no right for grant of services, and even can be rescinded because of gross violation of the licensed terms. And this is important for a client: any sums which are named by the driver of such "taxi", are illegal. One can pay nohting at all. The law forbids the driver of taxi to carry out transportation of passengers without a  taximeter. And if he has no registration of a businessman on the united tax, a law in general forbids him to accept a profit without a control-cash recorder. The fact that most drivers and clients do not know about such rules, does not mean quite, that in the case of conflict of passenger with a driver representatives of control organs of power will not analyse such situation and will not punish such driver, and such carrier aswell.

     Cash check from an electronic taximeter (in the case of realization of transportation with a legal entity-enterprise), or receipt with the detailed pointing of registration information of physical person - businessman (if a carrier is a private taxi-driver), tariff and sum of payment for trip (in obedience to the indexes of taximeter) are the unique documents whith which you can confirm the fact of getting services. And only on their foundation it is possible to pull out claims to the carrier, or control inspections, if such necessity appeared.

     To complain on a carrier, if his services is bad, and he does not want peacefully to settle a conflict, You can to the city Management of defence of rights of users, or possible to the Golovavtotrans inspection(GATI). (This is not GAI, they are quite different structures). А if you were so «served», that for you desired to make problems to such carrier, Your appeal in the Tax militia with information about no cash check (receipts), and similarly in case if this receipt is written on behalf of firm, obviously look like enterprise «Horns & Hoofs» from the known novel of writers Il'f and Petrov, will have very unpleasant consequences for him.

Wrote and translated by Anatoly Galaziuk

Administrator, 14-03-2007, hits: 10060

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